Mayor of SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is a game that can be played on the mobile (both Android and Apple alike) and is free to be downloaded. This game is part of the Sim series that has been in the market for more than two decades now. The game is meant to address the new crowd of people who prefer gaming on their mobile phones to using their PCs and consoles. This is why the game was built to make the experience of playing it on mobile more fun and interesting. The basic concept of the game remains similar to the other versions with the SimCity and the Sims.


The game is based on how the player manages the people of his city, as the mayor. The role of a mayor is to address the needs of the people living in his city and see that their wants and wishes are fulfilled. If you want to know the thoughts of the people in your city, all you have to do is tap on the bubble and it will appear to you. This is the way the Sims interest. Moreover, if the Sims are happy, they will also reward you by paying better tax.

Role of Mayor

SimCity Buildit Tips

The mayor has to play his role as the chief of the town in a responsible manner. Keeping the citizens happy and providing various services such as water, power, sewage, etc. properly and maintain them are some of the essential duties of the mayor. If the citizens get these services without any problem, they are happy and willing to pay taxes which generate Simoleons to the mayor. These improve the revenue of the city. The mayor should also concentrate on producing goods in his factories that are required to upgrade the city. By taking up good trading activities such as buying products at a cheaper rate and selling them for profit, dealing in international trade and looking after the manufacturing and production of the industries, he can get additional income.

Buying and Selling

One way of making money would be to sell the manufactured things to other users who are also playing the game. You can make use of the trade market where you will be able to sell manufactured materials to other players who are in need of it for coins. Hence producing many items will also be a means of good income for you. This is why it is advised to keep your industries and factories running overnight so that you do not run out of supply that you can sell on the market. You can also buy things from other people at the market.

simcity buildit hack can be used in order to cope with the fast pace of the game and also to move further in the game. If you are willing to spend money on the game to proceed, you could do so by buying SimCash which can be used to quicken the pace at which things are manufactured in the game.

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